Features as of 0.85
Implemented Features Missing Features
  • Archive creation
  • Verbose/quiet output
  • stdout vs. file output
  • Manifest file support
  • Deflation or storage
  • Changing to a dir and adding files (-C)
  • Archive content listing (-t)
  • Archive extraction (-x)
  • Archive updating (-u)
  • Full manifest file support (maybe missing)
Program Description

I've gotten a few complaints from people not knowing exactly what fastjar is, so here's a brief description:

Fastjar is a version of Sun's 'jar' utility, written entirely in C, and therefore quite a bit faster. Fastjar can be up to 100x faster than the stock 'jar' program running without a JIT. Currently, I'm working on adding all the features present in the sun utility, but once those are in place, I'll start adding extra features. I've already gotten some good suggestions from people out there. Remember, if you want a feature added, go to the Contact section of the website.

Suggested Features

Here are some features that have been suggested by people..

  • Dependency checking - i.e. if you tell fastjar to add a class file to the jar, it will ensure that all the classes that file depends on are included as well. This could be difficult to add, since we wouldn't want to add the java.* packages for example..
  • Filtering - this one I think is a very good idea. Being able to specify on the command line a regexp filter for files to be added to the jar archive. For example, "*.class" would only include .class files, not .java .gif etc..